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Seafresh Australia is an established buyer, processor, exporter and distributor of Sea Cucumber, Coral Trout, and other dried seafood products, to a wide variety of domestic and international markets.
Based in Cairns, North Queensland and surrounded by world heritage areas the great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics Rain forest, Seafresh is comitted to ecologically sustainable harvest of the oceans products.


The quality and assured reliability of Seafresh Australia is second to none in the country. We look forward to dealing with you.


Sea Cucumber

Dried White Teatfish, Prickly Redfish, Blackfish, Golden Sandfish & Curry Fish


Coral Trout


Dried Pipefish

About Us

With a large collection of fishing licences, species quota and global processing facilities, Seafresh is in a strong position to provide consistently high quality marine products on a regular and reliable basis.

Seafresh Australia strives to produce consistent high quality marine products. To achieve this goal Seafresh have implemented innovative and stringent quality control progams, specifically designed to monitor critical stages of production from collection of raw materials to the finished product.

A dynamic management team, led by Mark Lewis, comprised of a group of very experienced and dedicated individuals – each with specific portfolios, resulting in a well organised company structure, highly efficient service and reliable on time shipments.